Flood Safety

Forecasting and Flood Warning

UDFCD works with local governments to ensure the safety of their citizens by providing local officials with early notifications of heavy rain and flood threats in partnership with NOAA’s National Weather Service. Local officials act on these notifications according to their respective emergency plans and warn people in affected high risk areas when a flooding threat becomes more likely. The public can also access real-time rainfall, streamflow, and weather information from the ALERT System. ALERT data can also be retrieved for past events.

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UDFCD’s flash flood prediction program, F2P2, operates from April through September. An archive of forecast products and flood threat notifications is available on the F2P2 website.

Protect your home and property

Is your home or property in a floodplain?

Visit our Interactive Map page to view approximate floodplains.

Flood Insurance – who needs it?

For evaluating risk and flood insurance options visit FEMA FloodSmart website.

Flood Preparedness Checklist

Is your emergency flood kit ready? Download a copy of the Red Cross Flood Safety checklist.

Find out what to do before, during and after a flood.

Visit the National Weather Service’s flood safety page.

Flood Facts

Floods are the most common and widespread of all natural hazards. Some floods develop slowly, but flash floods can happen in just minutes. Read more

Other Flood Safety Tips

Rainstorms in Denver are common throughout the spring and summer months. It’s important to remember that floods caused by rain can occur anywhere, with floodwaters rising gradually or flash floods striking suddenly. Water’s powerful force can easily overtake vehicles and people. Read More

Flood Protection Handbooks

These handbooks provide information to assist in personal flood safety management.

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Denver County

Colorado areas effected by a recent disaster.

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