Master Planning

UDFCD partners with communities within the UDFCD boundary in the development of watershed master plans. Master plans are requested by the local government(s) and scheduled in accordance to the 5-Year Strategic Plan . Master plans are an important tool to help identify remedial stormwater quality and flood risk management projects for construction and to guide new land development projects to be consistent with regional drainage and flood control needs. Master plans also provide valuable input to UDFCD’s Five Year Capital Improvement Program, and help with the identification and acquisition of rights-of-way for future capital improvements along with areas for preservation.

Master Plans

Completed master plans can be viewed or downloaded from our Interactive Map .

Electronic Plan Guidelines

The Electronic Plan (EPlan) guidelines were written to offer guidance and direction to
consultants developing master plan studies in an electronic format. The guidelines
cover the materials to be included in the EPlan files, the process by which they are to
be developed and specific details for the final product.

All active and recently completed master plans have a dedicated website with additional information. Links for each follow:

54th and Pecos
Grange Hall Creek & Tributaries MDP & FHAD
Niver Creek and Tributaries MDP and FHAD
North Dry Gulch Outfall Systems Plan
Plum Creek, West Plum Creek, East Plum Creek MDP & FHAD
Quincy Drainage, Shop Creek, Meadowood Drainageway OSP
SJCD (N), SJCD (S) North Tributary and DFA 6100.5 MDP & FHAD
Sloan's Lake and Tributaries MDP and FHAD
Third Creek MDP & FHAD
Weaver Creek MDP and FHAD
Weir Gulch and Tributaries FHAD