Stormwater Quality

UDFCD monitors a number of stormwater Best Management Practice (BMP) sites in the Denver metropolitan area and plays a large role in stormwater quality improvement by way of research and promulgation of criteria. UDFCD samples inflow and outflow and collects data on rainfall and runoff at several BMP sites.

UDFCD’s objectives include:

    Measurement of the Event Mean Concentration (EMC) of different constituents that affect stormwater runoff.
    Assessment of longterm performance of each BMP with regard to stormwater quality and runoff volume reduction, and evaluation of construction and maintenance practices.

    The following webpages provide information on sites that we are currently monitoring and have monitored in the past:

    Green roof at Denver Botanic Gardens
    Rain garden in Lakewood
    Extended detention basin in Denver
    Permeable pavement in Lakewood
    Permeable pavement in Denver
    Rainwater harvesting in Denver