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SVG Floodplain Maps
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Our Denver metro area floodplain map link below will launch a webpage that requires an SVG-enabled browser.  Make sure you are using an SVG-enabled browser before proceeding. SVG is not currently available for Windows Vista.

Internet Explorer users must install Adobe's SVG plug-in or download and install Mozilla's SVG-enabled Firefox browser.
Click to launch SVG floodplain mapping webpage

If you prefer not to use our SVG website but would like to see the flooplains near your address, email your address to udfcd@udfcd.org and we will send the information to you by email or regular mail.


WARNING: The floodplain boundaries are approximate and should not be used for floodplain determinations. Contact your local government or the District for more detailed maps.

Click here for additional instructions on how to use this website.


Google Earth users may view our approximate floodplain boundaries from the following link: http://www.lrcwe-data.com/UDFCD.kml