5-Year CIP

Capital Improvement

The design and construction of master-planned projects is carried out through the Five Year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). Work included on this plan must meet the following requirements:

  • Proposed improvements must be requested by local governments.
  • Proposed improvements must be master planned.
  • District funds must be matched by local governments.
  • Local governments must agree to own the completed facilities and must accept primary responsibility for their maintenance.
  • District tax revenue received from each county will be spent for improvements benefiting local governments in that county.
  • Each year the Board adopts a Five Year CIP which lists projects and District participation by county, from the current year to four years into the future.
  • This plan forms the basis for District participation in design and construction projects.

Click on the link below to view 5-Year CIP

5-Year Capital Improvement Plan 2018 through 2022
5-Year South Platte River Capital Improvement Plan 2018 through 2022