Control Roof – at the Alliance Center in Downtown Denver

This site was added in 2011. UDFCD partnered with the EPA to monitor quality and quantity of this aggregate rooftop in downtown Denver. The site was originally set up to provide a reference site for the EPA Region 8 green roof, located across the street from this location. UDFCD is interested in these data for two reasons. It provides runoff characteristics for an aggregate rooftop. Secondly, it can be used as a comparison to data collected from the Denver Botanic green roof.

A rain gauge and anemometer are installed on the roof to measure the depth of rain over the roof. Roof runoff flows down a single downspout and through an H-Flume. Based on the data collected thus far, flow and volume measurement appears to be reasonably accurate in comparison to the collected rainfall data. Water quality data shows high dissolved and total zinc values and moderate values of other constituents.


Rain gauge and anemometer on the Alliance Center roof