Stream Projects

Stream projects fall into two categories – capital improvement projects (CIP) and stream management projects.

Each year UDFCD requests local governments to prioritize projects and develops both a 5-year CIP and a Stream Management Plan based on this input.


Capital Improvement Projects

Capital improvement projects implement master-planned improvements and are carried out through the 5-Year CIP. Each year the UDFCD Board adopts a 5-Year CIP which lists projects and UDFCD participation for the next five years.

Stream Management Projects

Stream management projects (sometimes referred to as maintenance projects) include restoration work on past capital projects or approved projects from the Maintenance Eligibility Program. The Stream Management Plan is developed on a yearly basis and identifies maintenance projects by county for work to be performed that year.

Design reports, project as-builts, and maintenance eligible stream and river reaches can be found in the Library.

Projects and Priority Guidelines

Requests are now made online. However, previously used forms can be accessed below.

Project Request Form 
Priority Guildelines Form