Guidance Documents

UDFCD provides guidance documents for areas of focus beyond that covered in the Urban Storm Drainage Criteria Manual (USDCM).

Colorado E.coli Toolbox: Fact Sheets
Wright Water Engineers,
2019 (PDF, 5.4 MB)
Colorado E. coli Toolbox: A Practical Guide for Colorado MS4sWright Water Engineers,
2016 (PDF, 3.2 MB)
Ultra-Urban Green Infrastructure GuidelinesMuller and Team,
2016 (PDF, 27 MB)
Colorado Stormwater Legislation memo (SB-212)MacKenzie,
2016 (PDF, 411 KB)
Flood Documentation
Flood Photo GuidelinesUDFCD,
2016 (PDF, 1 MB)
Gravel Mining
SPR Gravel Pit Berm Failure Technical AnalysisWright Water Engineers,
2013 (PDF, 2.52 MB)
Technical Review Guidelines for Gravel Mining and Water Storage Activities
Wright Water Engineers,
2013 (PDF ,12.9 MB)
Summary Memo Technical Review Guidelines for Gravel Mining ActivitiesWright Water Engineers,
2012 (PDF, 45 MB)
Guidance for 2D Model DevelopmentCH2MHILL,
2012 (PDF, 3.38MB)
Design Guidelines & Criteria Channels & Hydraulic Structure on Sandy SoilSimons, Li & Associates,
1981 (PDF, 4.69MB)