Development Review

Local governments can refer development projects to UDFCD for review. Projects typically involve construction in or near a stream. This is done through the Maintenance Eligibility Program (MEP), the purpose of which is to promote responsible design in developer-initiated projects. MEP approved projects are eligible for UDFCD maintenance. Projects must satisfy all UDFCD requirements including all criteria contained in the Urban Storm Drainage Criteria Manual (USDCM), Guidelines for Maintenance Eligibility, and maintenance site plans for any regional detention.

UDFCD identifies maintenance eligible reaches on the Data Viewer Map.

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Low Maintenance Stream Flyers

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Maintenance Eligibility

UDFCD reviews these projects for the Maintenance Eligibility Program. When approved, these projects are eligible for maintenance by UDFCD at the request of the local government.

Approved projects must meet criteria outlined in the Urban Storm Drainage Criteria Manual (USDCM) and the Maintenance Eligibility Guidelines and also include a maintenance site plan for any regional detention basin.

UDFCD maintains a maintenance eligibility status report for each community and identifies maintenance eligible reaches on the Interactive Map.

New Development

New development plans adjacent to any floodplain within the UDFCD boundary should evaluate preservation of the floodplain, wetlands, and riparian areas as a development approach. This offers the opportunity to establish the character of the new development and offer amenities that are components of livable communities and healthy economies. See the floodplain preservation brochure for examples.