Technical Memorandums

The documents in this section provide the basis for various criteria found in the Urban Storm Drainage Criteria Manual (USDCM).

Determination of Runoff Reduction Method Equations (UIA to RPA) based on Multivariable SWMM AnalysisPiza and Rapp,
2018 (PDF, 410 KB)
Storm Inflow Hydrograph Shaping for Detention DesignMacKenzie and Rapp,
2017 (PDF, 299 KB)
Calibration of Rational Method Volume-Based Runoff Coefficients and Regional Time of Concentration to CUHP v2.0.0Rapp, et al.,
2017 (PDF, 997 KB)
Estimation of Runoff and Storage Volumes for Use with Full Spectrum Detention MacKenzie and Rapp,
Revised 2017 (PDF, 687 KB)
Summary of the NOAA Atlas 14 Impact on Rainfall Depths used by UDFCDRapp,
2016 (PDF, 171 KB)
Determination of Watershed Predeveloped Peak Unit Flow Rates as the Basis for Detention Basin DesignMacKenzie and Rapp,
Revised 2016 (PDF, 296KB)
Determination of the Excess Urban Runoff Volume (EURV) for Full Spectrum Detention DesignMacKenzie and Rapp,
Revised 2016 (PDF, 510KB)
UDFCD Detention Basin Model MemorandumMacKenzie and Stawski,
2014 (PDF, 359KB)
Recommended Release Rate from Full‐Spectrum DetentionBolger and Wulliman,
2012 (PDF, 929KB)
Description of the Water Quality Capture Optimization Statistical Model (WQ-COSM) for Stormwater BMPsBen Urbonas, et al.,
2011 (PDF, 512KB)
UDFCD Street Inlet Capacity Technical MemorandumMacKenzie and Guo,
2011 (PDF, 700 KB)
UDFCD Storm Sewer Pipe Material Technical Memorandum 2010Burns & McDonnell Engineering Company, Inc.
2010 (PDF, 10.6 MB)
Water Quality Orifice Sizing Equation for Rain Garden, Sand Filter Basin, and Permeable Pavement System UnderdrainingMacKenzie,
2010 (PDF, 201KB)
Orifice Sizing Equation for EURV and WQCV Detention Basin Water Quality Outlet PlatesMacKenzie,
2010 (PDF, 372KB)