Technical Papers

Noteworthy papers by UDFCD or in partnership with others.

Long-term Hydrologic Assessment of Effect of Full Spectrum Detention on Water Balance and Water RightsWWE,
2016 (PDF, 3.52 MB)
2016 CUHP Recalibration Summary ReportBlackler et al.,
2016 (PDF, 2.84 MB)
Stormwater Quality Runoff and Reduction from an Aggregate Rooftop in Denver, Colorado Piza and Zivkovich,
2015 (PDF, 563 KB)
Study to Evaluate the Optimal Locations in a Watershed for Full Spectrum Detention vs. Detaining only the Excess Urban Runoff VolumeMuller Engineering,
2015 (PDF, 682 KB)
Planning for Variability & Uncertainty: Climate Change and the UDFCD Urban Drainage System
Earles et al.,
2015 (PDF, 1.23 MB)
Evaluation of Rainwater Harvesting With Cloud-Based Infrastructure as a Stormwater Control MeasurePiza,
2014 (55.5, KB)
Physical Modeling of Overflow Outlets for Extended Detention Stormwater BasinsUSBR,
2014 (PDF, 2.11 MB)
Pathogens in Urban Stormwater SystemsEWRI,
2014 (PDF, 7.24)
Evaluating Potential for Hazardous Sediments in Stormwater Facilities

2014 (PDF, 838KB)

2014 (PDF, 20 MB)
Developing Protocols For Consistency in CUHP/SWMM Hydrology For Large Discretized CatchmentsRapp and Urbonas,
2014 (PDF, 2.64 MB)
Volume-based Runoff Coefficients for use with Rational MethodGuo,
2013 (PDF, 1.83 MB)
Colorado Regulation 85 Nutrient Data Gap Analysis ReportClary et al.,
2013 (PDF, 2.91 MB)
Extended Detention Basin at Grant Ranch Denver, Colorado 2001-2011Piza et al.,
2013 (PDF, 1.22 MB)
Performance Assessment of Highway Median Inlets CSU 2012CSU,
2012 (PDF, 2.58 MB)
Hydraulic Capacity of CDOT Type C and D Area InletsGuo,
2012 (PDF, 1.47 MB)
Demonstration Projects Illustrating Void-Filled Riprap Applications in Stream RestorationWulliman and Johns,
2011 (PDF, 19.7 MB)
Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavement (PICP) at Denver Wastewater Management Building Denver, Colorado 2008-2010 Piza and Eisel,
2011 (PDF, 1.07 MB)
Porous Asphalt at Denver Wastewater Management Building Denver, Colorado 2008-2010 Piza and Eisel,
2011(PDF, 1.49 MB)
Pervious Concrete at Lakewood Maintenance Facility Lakewood, Colorado 2005-2010Piza and Eisel,
2011 (PDF, 2 MB)
Description of the Water Quality Capture Optimization Statistical Model (WQ-COSM) for Stormwater BMPsUrbonas et al.,
2011 (PDF, 512KB)
Calibration of CUHP2005/SWMM5 Computer Models for Flood Flow PredictionsGuo and Cheng,
2011 (PDF, 3.64 MB)
Extended Detention Basin at Grant Ranch Denver, Colorado 2009 Piza and Eisel
2011 (PDF, 833 KB)
Incentive Index for Stormwater Low Impact DesignsGuo et al.,
2010 (PDF, 202KB)
Sustainable Design of Urban Porous Landscape Detention BasinGuo et al.,
2010 (477KB)
CSU Report: Hydraulic Efficiency of Grate and Curb InletsComport et al.,
2009 (PDF, 2.5MB)
Modeling Hydraulic and Energy Gradients in Storm SewersAMEC Earth & Environmental, Inc.,
2009 (PDF, 483KB)
Catchment Discretization in the Colorado Urban Hydrograph Procedure: A Case Study in the East Toll Gate Creek Watershed, Arapahoe County, ColoradoDankenbring and Mays,
2009 (PDF, 973 KB)
Can Stormwater BMPs Remove Bacteria?Clary et al.,
2008 (PDF, 229KB)
UDFCD Pervious Concrete CTL Thompson Report 2008CTL Thompson,
2008 (PDF 6.85 MB)
Consistency Between CUHP and Rational MethodsGuo and Urbonas,
2008 (PDF, 68KB)
Stormwater Runoff Modeling; Is it as Accurate as We Think?Urbonas,
2007 (PDF, 397KB)
Full Spectrum Detention to Control Stormwater RunoffUrbonas and Wulliman,
2007 (PDF, 88.4 KB)
Full Spectrum Detention 2005-01-01 Concept PaperWulliman and Urbonas,
2005 (PDF, 260KB)
Learning from Nature: Reducing Urban Stormwater ImpactsWulliman and Thomas,
2005 (PDF 4.7 MB)
Stream Protection in Urban Watersheds Through Master PlanningUrbonas and Doerfer,
2003 (PDF, 311KB)
Effectiveness of BMPs in Semi-Arid ClimatesUrbonas,
2003 (PDF, 401KB)
Observation on Atmospheric Dust Fallout in DenverUrbonas and Doerfer,
2003 (PDF, 236KB)
Stormwater Sand Filter Sizing and Design - A Unit Operation ApproachUrbonas,
2002 (PDF, 132KB)
Overflow Risk Analysis For Storm Water Quality Control BasinsGuo,
2000 (PDF, 444KB)
Synthetic Runoff Capture and Delivery Curves For Storm Water Quality Control DesignsGuo and Urbonas,
2000 (PDF, 546KB)
Two Decades of Stormwater Management Evolution – Presented in BrazilUrbonas,
1999 (PDF, 1.35MB)
Design of Low Tailwater Riprap Basins For Storm sewer Pipe OutletsStevens and Urbonas, 1996 (PDF, 283KB)
Finding a "Maximized" Water Quality Capture Volume by Runoff Capture RatioGuo and Urbonas,
1994 (PDF, 726KB)
Parameters to Report with BMP Monitoring DataUrbonas,
1994 (PDF, 844 KB)
Stormwater BMPS and TechnologyUrbonas,
1993 (PDF, 175KB)
Effect of Raingage Density on Runoff Simulation ModelingUrbonas et al.,
1990 (PDF, 1.2 MB)
BMP Practice Assessment For The Development of Colorado's Stormwater Management ProgramUrbonas,
1989 (PDF, 59KB)
Sizing A Capture Volume for Stormwater Quality EnhancementUrbonas et al.,
1989 (PDF, 166KB)
Potential Effectiveness of Detention PoliciesUrbonas and Glidden,
1981 (PDF, 165KB)
Reliability of Design Storms in ModelingUrbonas,
1979 (PDF, 665KB)
Precipitation-Frequency Atlas of the Western United States, Volume III: ColoradoNOAA,
1973 (PDF, 12.6 MB)