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We’re excited to announce that UDFCD has officially rebranded as the Mile High Flood District!

With this year being our 50th Anniversary, we took this milestone opportunity to rebrand the District with the goal of better depicting who we are today and who we want to be in the future. We’ve evolved so much as an organization over the past 50 years, and what better timing than the 50-year mark to introduce a new brand along with a new beginning! Read more about our rebranding and what it means for you

What We Do

The Flood Control District partners with metro cities and counties to design and construct flood control and warning measures, open space, regional paths, and remove trash and debris in our streams. The District runs on a $30 million annual budget with only 32 employees. Contracting out the work keeps overhead low, costs down, and ensures all the jobs stay local.

Committed to Our Community

UDFCD was established by the Legislature and 1969 after the Metro area was hit by the devastating 1965 flood. The Flood Control District was launched with a mil levy set at 1.0 by statute. Today, as then, the District partners with seven counties and 33 municipalities on a 50/50 basis to design and construct flood control and warning measures, open space and regional paths, and provide debris removal.

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Find out where we are now and explore some of our recent projects highlighted below.

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Recent Updates

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