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Broadcasting the NWS Emergency Managers Weather Information Network in Denver, Colorado

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Page last updated: September 10, 2008

Download RealEMWIN Configuration Files (updated September 2007)
RealEMWIN Installation Instructions (updated September 2007)
User Training Slides by Ray Bartik (September 13, 2007)
Technical Training Slides by Ray Bartik (September 13, 2007)
Frequently Asked Questions by Ray Bartik (September 13, 2007)
Weather Message Server V3.2 download link Contact ARES rep for registration key (added March 4, 2008)
Weather Message V3.2 User Manual (added March 4, 2008)
Additional Map Layers for WxMap Download for zone and highway map layers (added March 4, 2008)

Emergency Managers may contact their ARES Coordinator for technical assistance.

Monthly Steering Committee Meetings held at UDFCD (Third Tuesdays at 9AM)

Reports, Presentations, Meeting Notes, Instructions

19-Dec-2007 VTEC--NWS Valid Time Event Code (Glancy)
28-Nov-2007 Project Status Update (Stewart)
13-15 Sep-2007 User and Technical Support Training w/Ray Bartik
User Training Slides and Frequently Asked Questions
Technical Support Training Slides
17-Oct-2006 Train-the-Trainer Meeting at UDFCD
Presentation slides (Bartik)
Notes and Action Items (Bartik & Stewart)
Supplemental Materials:
RealEMWIN configuration files
Diagram of NWS EMWIN Architecture
Diagram of EMWIN-Denver Re-transmission System
Receiver Antenna Assembly and Installation
Radio Installation
RealEMWIN Software Installation
12-Oct-2006 Phase 2 Implementation Revision approved by NRC (Stewart)
Proposal (Bartik)
Background slides for NRC meeting (Bartik & Stewart)
14-Apr-2005 memo concerning EMWIN Receivers (Jim Lancy)
January 2004 Revised Design Report (Bartik)
30-Oct-2003 Task Force Presentation (Stewart)
July 2003 Preliminary Design Report (Bartik)
radio coverage maps
22-Apr-03 Task Force Meeting at Westminster
project overview (Bartik)
meeting notes (Reddy/Stewart)
11-Dec-2002 Front Range Emergency Management Forum (Glancy/Stewart)
13-Nov-2002 EMWIN & Newsrouter Workshop at Colorado OEM (Stewart/Glancy/Robinson/Gutierrez/Read)
18-Jul-2002 Pre-monsoon meeting at Urban Drainage and Flood Control District   EMWIN Presentation (Glancy)
EMWIN Infrastructure

Xcel Energy's Cherokee Power Plant...VHF transmitter site for EMWIN-Denver

Project Description

The Emergency Managers Weather Information Network (EMWIN) is an affordable system that provides a variety of methods for accessing and delivering weather products (warnings, watches, advisories, forecasts, graphical images, etc.) and other critical emergency information.  The central system is supported by NOAA's National Weather Service and was developed in partnership with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and other public and private organizations.  EMWIN can be tailored to the needs of local emergency managers including multi-agency interoperable communications.  The goal of the EMWIN-Denver project to optimize these capabilities.

EMWIN-Denver is a cooperative venture between Colorado North Central Region local emergency managers, the Urban Drainage and Flood Control District (UDFCD), and the National Weather Service.  UDFCD, Xcel Energy and the Denver Public Works Department-Wastewater Management Division provided initial local funding for this project.  Department of Homeland Security (DHS) grant funds were used to acquire software licenses and radio receiver equipment for 31 sites.  The satellite downlink, Internet gateway and radio relay equipment are located at the Adams County Sheriff's Office with facility oversight provided by the Adams County Office of Emergency Management.  The rebroadcast station in Commerce City is provided as a public service of Xcel Energy.  Technical support is provided by volunteer Ham radio operators who participate in RACES--the Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service.

To utilize this signal, you need an IBM-compatible computer running Windows 98 or higher, a VHF radio or scanner capable of receiving the FM data transmission on 163.325 MHz, a 9600 baud EMWIN demodulator, and software.  There are no recurring costs.  Depending on your distance from the rebroadcast transmitter, a vertically polarized outside antenna (scanner or 2-meter amateur radio type) may be required.  Generally, the signal is useful within a 35 to 40 mile radius of downtown Denver.

An Internet connection will also be provided to authorized users as a backup or primary connection to the EMWIN-Denver datastream.  A public website will also be maintained.  Interagency messages between local emergency managers will not be available to the public.

Special software from commercial sources is required.  Weather Message, RealEMWIN and InterWARN are the most common software applications.  Earlier software versions may be obtained at no cost, but they lack many useful features.  Receiving equipment is also available from commercial sources.

EMWIN Receiver Costs

A typical EMWIN receiver station will probably cost $1500-$2000.  With some ingenuity the cost may be less.

The total cost is in the equipment.  Receiving the signal is free, both from the satellite and the rebroadcast.  Once the station is on the air, all a listener will need to receive weather information is a scanner and a soundcard-equipped computer.  Of course, an external demodulator and digital-ready scanner (i.e., one with a discriminator tap) will provide the best results.

EMWIN Equipment

Zephyrus receiver
Receiver antenna

EMWIN-Denver Steering Committee



Dave Baca Xcel Energy
Ben Baker4 ARES Arapahoe County
Ray Bartik2,3,4 Skywarn Systems, Inc.
Deanne Criswell Aurora Emergency Management
Todd Fields Northglenn Communications
Bob Glancy National Weather Service
Rob Greer3 Aurora IT
Henry Guerra Aurora Fire Department
Art Hostman4 ARES Adams County
Mark Huff4 ARES
Rich Kaizen Denver Emergency Management
Laura Kautz Federal Heights Communications
Scott Kellar North Central Region & Arapahoe County
Jim Kubitschek4 ARES Boulder County
Chad Kudym3,4 Urban Drainage and Flood Control District
Jim Lancy Arvada Emergency Management
Eric Lessard City of Boulder Public Works
David Markham4 ARES State Coordinator/Cunningham Fire District
Rebecca Martinez Brighton Emergency Management
Ed Mildenberger4 ARES/RACES Adams County
Larry Mooney National Weather Service
Rick Newman1 Adams County Emergency Management
Gregory Palmer Arapahoe County Emergency Management
Artie Sandman3 Adams County IT
Carol Small Jefferson County Emergency Management
Rocco Snart Jefferson County Emergency Management
Kevin Stewart3,4 Urban Drainage and Flood Control District
David Tomalak4 National Weather Service
Bob Wold Colorado Division of Emergency Management

1 Chair

2 Consultant
3 IT Subcommittee
4 Technical Support

Link to NCR website
Department of Homeland Security Grant

April 29, 2003 request letter (Jim Lancy)      Final Equipment Request List

NCR EMWIN Receiver Distribution List

Adams County Clear Creek County Golden Thornton
Arapahoe County Commerce City Greenwood Village Westminster
Arvada Denver, City & County Jefferson County Wheat Ridge
Aurora Douglas County Lakewood

Boulder, City & County Elbert County Littleton Colorado DEM
Brighton Englewood Louisville UDFCD
Broomfield, City & County Federal Heights Northglenn University of Colorado
Castle Rock Gilpin County Sheridan Xcel Energy
System operational

Maintenance and System Support Plan

To be determined...

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Zephyrus Electronics
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Weather Message

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