About Us

The Flood Control District partners with metro cities and counties to design and construct flood control and warning measures, open space, regional paths, and remove trash and debris in our streams. Established by the Colorado legislature in 1969, UDFCD covers an area of 1608 square miles and includes Denver, parts of the 6 surrounding counties, and all or parts of 35 incorporated cities and towns.The District runs on a $30 million annual budget with only 32 employees. Contracting out the work keeps overhead low, costs down, and ensures all the jobs stay local.

Mission and Vision Statement

Protecting people, property, and the environment through preservation, mitigation, and education.

Core Values

Advocate for public safety by reducing flood damage, by increasing awareness of flood risk, and through responsible design and community development.

Support local governments by building partnerships, influencing responsible practices, and promoting community welfare.

Use public funds responsibly through flexible and efficient processes and by leveraging resources to maximize community and environmental benefit.

Be stewards of watersheds and streams by promoting natural and beneficial functions of floodplains and responsible watershed management.

Advance the practice of science, engineering, and management of watersheds and streams through research, innovation and education.