Mapping (GIS)

UDFCD GIS data and documents with spatial significance can be viewed in the Interactive Map Gallery. These mapping tools can be used to search for documents while viewing map features.

GIS data is also available for download at

Download GIS Data: Click here to view datasets.

Information available on our Interactive Map Gallery

Document Search by Stream

The Document Search by Stream Map includes links to as-built drawings, design reports, master plans, and flood hazard area delineation (FHAD) studies.

Help Guide

Data Viewer Map

The Data Viewer Map includes floodplain delineations, project/study limits, master planned improvements, dam safety information, current stream maintenance activities, maintenance eligibility status, jurisdictional boundaries, and more.

Real-time Storm and Flood Data

The Real-time Storm and Flood Data Map contains current warning information from the National Weather Service, live radar and lightning strike data, 1-hour storm track projections, and rainfall and stream level measurements from the ALERT System.

2013 Flood Peak Estimates

This Interactive Map contains estimates of peak streamflow discharges that occurred during the September 2013 flood disaster. The map also features estimates of the corresponding flooding extents for some of the harder hit areas with an easy way to compare those extents with adopted regulatory (100-year) floodplains.

Watershed Service Areas

The UDFCD service area is divided into eight watershed regions based on similarities of the stream systems within the region. One project manager has been assigned to each watershed service area.